5 Tips for Finding Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

post thumbnail For people with diabetes, it may not come as a surprise that getting life insurance quotes no exam might not guarantee al by itself the purchase of life insurance. The reason for this is that life insurance policies are allowed to charge a premium based on the health status of the applicant, which is why some people consider getting life insurance for people with diabetes as being unaffordable.  However, it is still possible to find

5 Reasons to Purchase No Exam Life Insurance for Your Parents!

post thumbnail No exam life insurance has become more popular in the last years and numerous individuals are financially guarded by this policy. Here is a list with top 5 reasons to purchase no exam life insurance for your parents. 1)     No exam life insurance is available for your parents even if they are old.  Age is a determinant factor for standard underwriting process. Companies are free to insure people of any age, but they usually correlate

Buy A Whole Life Insurance Policy And Avoid A Tax Increase!

post thumbnail Life insurance has become a common service for a large segment of the population.  The need for financial protection against poverty has become ever present in the last years and many people have adapted to the realities of the economic climate. Life insurance protects both life and investments of the insured. If chosen carefully, a life insurance will pay also some life benefits, not only a death benefit to those you name as beneficiaries.  We

The Ukraine Crisis – Possible Effects and Why Life Insurance Is Important!

post thumbnail The Ukrainian crisis led to the annexation of Crimea to Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the recent annexation seems to be only the beginning, since other territories, like Transnistria (also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria) are invoking territorial autonomy and annexation to Russia. The world is changing right under our eyes and we must adapt to the new political and economic realities.  This article tells more about Ukrainian crisis, its many possible effects and why life insurance, especially life insurance with

Term Life Insurance vs No Exam Life Insurance

post thumbnail There is an intense debate between those that prefer term life insurance and those that support no exam life insurance.  We will present you their main features and let you decide which one is more suitable for your needs. Term life insurance is a form of temporary financial protection. If the policyholder lives beyond the prescribed period, he will gain little or no financial benefits. Premiums are cheap, but only in the first years. They

3 Policies that Offer Life Insurance for the Elderly!

post thumbnail As a senior, you should think more about protecting your family and ensuring a better future to your children. We present 3 policies that offer life insurance for the elderly: 1)      Senior Term life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage for a predetermined amount of time.  After the policy expires, you can renew the contract. Of course, if both parts agree. Term life policy length varies between one year and 30 years. Keep in mind

Who Should Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

post thumbnail Life insurance policies are designed to protect their policyholders or their families. We have numerous riders that can be attached to them and these riders financially help the insured when she or he gets sick or injured. But most often, life insurance is used as a legacy that will ensure that the remaining family members will have enough money to survive. The death of a breadwinner is tragic, not only because you lose a dear

Should Smokers Buy No Exam Term Life Insurance?

post thumbnail Smoking is one of those vices that can automatically disqualify you from getting life insurance. We all know that smoking is the main source of lung cancer. This form of cancer is one of the first causes of death in the U.S. So, there are many reasons why a carrier would decline your application.  But you will never be neglected by companies selling no exam life insurance. If they want protection for a limited time,

Several Advantages of Comparing No Exam Life Insurance Quotes!

post thumbnail Getting no exam life insurance can be bit tricky, since these policies are not that common. They have some restriction regarding the maximum amount of coverage and the paid benefits, but they are designed to protect people that are excluded by standard policies. A good way to search for no exam policies is to complete online quotes. Here are several advantages of comparing no exam life insurance quotes. Time. Our modern society is always getting

3 Tips For Finding Affordable No Exam Life Insurance!

post thumbnail No medical exam life insurance is usually considered a bad investment, since the premium value is above the average.  Still, this policy is the only one available for sick people and seniors above a certain age and it would be foolish not to accept it. Here are 3 tips for finding affordable no exam life insurance. 1)     Use the Internet. Technology has revolutionized the way we are communicating with each other and the way information